If you ever thought that you are too old for Boudoir, you are so wrong!

I have women from ages 21-62 (so far) that have walked through the doors of the studio.   Every single one of them have amazed me with the transformation they go through.

Why you are not too old for Boudoir

Just recently a client share her experience and words of encouragement to the women in my private VIP group on Facebook.  Because of that, I wanted everyone to see how amazing a Boudoir experience can be at any age.

In her own words why you are never too old for Boudoir

I decided to gift my husband with a surprise album of boudoir photos for his 70th birthday. We’ve been married nearly 40 years and I was having a difficult time thinking of something jaw dropping.
It never occurred to me that, at age 62, I’d become the grandma (literally; my grandchildren are 21, 6 and 2) of the Boudie Girls.
I often hear women my age complain about becoming invisible; we are no longer seen as feminine or attractive or, heaven forbid, sexy. There seem to be arbitrary rules society places on women of a certain age. We’re bombarded with anti-aging ads, told our silver hair is horrifying and makes us look like an old hag, and our days of being sexy are in the rear view mirror.
I say, you can’t become invisible without giving your permission. It’s time to stop listening to the rules others decide are best for us and start doing what makes us feel good about ourselves. Often, women my age have become so used to caring for everyone else that we’ve forgotten how to care for ourselves.
My husband absolutely LOVED his gift, and I’m grateful to Leslie for making my vision a reality that far exceeded my expectations.
What I absolutely did not expect was what this experience has done for me. Sometimes we don’t realize what we need until we get it; we don’t fully understand how the subliminal messages we’ve been subjected to have eroded our confidence.
What started out as a gift for my husband has ended up being one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to myself.
The photos are elegant and tasteful and the packaging and presentation details are truly sumptuous. This is absolutely classy boudoir and not tacky bordello.
Finally, one hilarious note: I showed my photos to my 88-year-old mother. Her take: “Wow! That photographer is amazing. These pictures are gorgeous!” Long pause…… “Can I have one for my wallet?” Oh, Mom…..
woman in purple lingerie laying on a bed with hands in hair for a Boudoir session woman over 50 with pick fur robe smiling at camera during Boudoir session against a white wall Woman holding a sheet to cover her self laughing during a boudoir session Boudoir session with women over 50

Boudoir is for any age!

If you have questions or want to join in on all the fun, please do not hesitate to reach out!  I would love to help you see how truly amazing you are!