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By Leslie Gilbert


"loving yourself is the simplest most rebellious revolution you'll ever be apart of. 

"I want all women to feel great. We are women and we have challenges, we deserve to feel beautiful ~RIhANNA




What is Boudoir?

There are so many reasons Boudoir is something every woman should experience!

Ready?  Let's do this!

Is it really for me? 

"Can a boudoir session really be that incredible?"

- Celebrate YOU!  Put yourself first for once.
- Shape and size do NOT matter.
- No one is ever too old.  Women are like fine wine.  We get better with age!
- No experience necessary.  
- Own it! Love the YOU that you are right now!

- Celebrate YOU! Put yourself first for once.
- Shape and size do NOT matter.
- No one is ever too old.  Women are like fine wine  We get better with age!
- No experience necessary.
- OWN it!  Love the YOU that you are right now!


Before & After

"I have never done this before.  All these women look like they are models and I could never look like that!" 

"I am not a size 2 and I could never look this good!"

I can tell you this, they are all 100% real, gorgeous, every day women 

Appreciating your body...

Embracing your beauty...

Creating an empowering transformational experience... 

Ignite your confidence...know you are STILL that Goddess!

Splurging on yourself to feel drop dead gorgeous and sexy...

I know you are a busy woman with a lot going on... Stop and remind yourself of the amazing creature you are and get in here! 

Not every woman is a size 2 and you don't need to be!  I promise you that you will look this good! 

A "Luxury Boudoir Experience" with Leslie gilbert Boudoir is a step towards:

Ready? Let's do this. 


Leslie made me feel very comfortable, in a seemingly uncomfortable situation!  I was able to have fun with the whole process! When I first saw my pictures I literally thought "Oh my goodness! That goddess can't be me!! The pictures turned out amazing and I tell my husband this gift was more for me than it was for him! The pictures gave me the confidence boost I didn't realize I needed!  If you are ever thinking about doing a session with Leslie, DO IT!!! She will become your good friend in the process!

miss j

The pictures are so amazing! I was like "Is that really me?  I didn't think I could look like that! I wanted to show my fiance because of how excited I was and he was like "I thought this was supposed to be a surprise?" Thank you so much!

Miss D

Leslie was fantastic to work with! The perfect balance of professional and fun. Her dedication to achieving your vision and the smile she brings with her is so reassuring.  She allowed me to be so comfortable I was lost in the moment and and forgot she was shooting. Leslie is amazing! 

Miss m

I am naturally awkward in front of the camera, but Leslie made me feel comfortable in my own skin.  From the start of the shoot with my hair and make-up, all the way to the end with some of the sensual poses, I never once felt awkward.  Leslie makes you feel like a confident, beautiful woman every time you see her.  Her presence allows you to be yourself, but also out of your comfort zone to get amazing pictures! My husbands jaw dropped when he saw just one photo...he thought it was a model in a lingerie ad.  That is how good Leslie is!  When I showed him the entire album, he was blown away! You will not regret investing in Leslie Gilbert Boudoir!

Miss M

"I was lost in the moment and forgot she was shooting"

"Is that really Me?"

“I never once felt awkward”

“That Goddess can't be me?!”

Love Notes

Testimonials from WOMEN that took the leap!




You are

Unveil your inner


I have no idea how to pose... will you help me?

How far out are you scheduling?

Absolutely!  I will guide you through the whole process and show you every pose before you do it.  

Typically, clients are scheduled 4-5 months out so it is best to set up a call so we can get you in as soon as possible.  

Yes!  I am a licensed hair and makeup artist and will pamper you from the moment you walk in .  I love that I can do both pampering and photographing you because it gives you a little more time to get to know me and we end up being like girlfriends hanging out.!

My studio is in Downtown Lancaster Pa.   It is on the second floor and completely private so you can relax and not worry.

Where are you located?

Do you provide hair and makeup?


You got this


Everything you need to know to Make Your Perfect Session a Reality

I am so excited you are here! 

 Literally, photography is all I have done for the past 20 years and I am so absolutely in love with it!  

I am obsessed with food, traveling and as of late, the gym.  After 40, it has become an addiction!

I am an animal lover and when I see a dog, my voice goes up 5 octaves and I call them Schmoo.

Get ready for awkward, silly and probably me busting out in song a few times!  

Your Photographer

About Your Photographer

Leslie Gilbert

"Fear is stupid.  so are regrets"

"A wise girl has her limits, a smart girl knows she has none."

Marilyn Monroe

Email: leslie@lesliegilbert

Phone: 717.314.7266

CEO & Owner of
Leslie Gilbert Boudoir 

Leslie Gilbert


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