I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I have been told by clients that they are nervous, but excited!  Another one is, ” I am so awkward and I don’t know what to do with my face.”

Trust me, I completely understand!   I am quite happy being behind the camera and not in front of it.  I get nervous and anxious if I have to pose a certain way and wonder where I need to look and should I smile or not.  It is completely natural because we are taken out of our comfort zone and asked to do something we are not familiar with.    You are putting your complete trust in me to photograph you, in your most vulnerable state.  But you’ve got this!   Every single woman that has walked out of the studio has said, “This was so much fun!”

I promise you, it is like playing dress up and having a mini pampering day with your best friend.  You are going to be with me for a few hours.  I am that friend who pumps you up and lets you know you are amazing when you needed to hear it the most.   I will make you look even more fabulous, by doing your hair and makeup!  Ladies, am I right though?  We do form a little bond with our stylist gabbing and spilling a little tea…

After we Goddess-ify you, we will go through everything you brought to wear and then, it’s show time!   By this point, we have already been laughing so much, because we all know how hilarious I am!  (No… its like bad Dad jokes and me probably tripping over something) Then it is smooth sailing at this point and once I give you a little direction, you’re already complete pro! I don’t have to do much except move that freakin hair that gets stuck on your lashes every, single, time!

If you are still wondering if you should give me a call, please go check out my Instagram.   There are so many past clients on there who shared their feelings and experiences and they are phenomenal!   So, take a minute, think about it again because you’ve been thinking about it a while.   Forget about that little voice who says you need to look a certain way, or you need to lose weight, or, (insert your excuse here)   Just call me and let me hear your story.

White silk nightgown for boudoirBoudoir session on black silk sheets